鈴木 彩香

Suzuki Saika




2016年7月1st single『彩り』リリース

2017年7月1st mini album『EPISODE』リリース

2018年10月2nd mini album『Highly Sensitive』リリース






Saika Suzuki is a Singer Song Writer born in Fukushima prefecture in Japan.

She composes her songs by playing the piano and using CUBASE (DAW).

She started her performance as live acts mainly in Tokyo in October 2015, 

and in following July released 1st single "Irodori 彩り; adding Emotional Colors to people's heart that loses them."

Her name"Saika 彩香" in Kanji means "Fragrance of Colors"

So it was natural for her to choose this theme and name the 1st single "Irodori" after the meaning of her name.

She brushed up her Healing Voice and Emotional Power of Expression through studying vocal music lessons.

She sings to heal the heart of the audience from the perspective of her own unique world.